Suellen and I got our first pet rabbit in 1997, along with a guinea pig. We’ve had several rabbits ever since.

In August 2022, we adopted Dottie, who was a rescue that had been abandoned. She was only a year old and is quite full of energy.

Pontouf, passed away in June of 2022, at the age of 10. We had her for 7 years.


Reggie and Rusty. Two satins we adopted from the local rabbit rescue.  They passed away after we had them 4 or 5 years, in January 2016 (Reggie) and December 2016 (Rusty).



Bebe, was a Florida White bunny who lived to the ripe old age of 13.  We had her for 10 years, and she was quite the queen of the house. (1998-2011)

Barnaby,  a guinea pig with the most personality I’ve ever seen. (2011-2016)

Oreo, was Sugar’s son.  He grew to be a fat & happy guinea pig.  (2005-2010)

Sugar, the loudest guinea pig ever.  She was a rescue, and had little pups after we got her. (2005-2010)

Tedi, with with us for almost 7 seven years. Her picture is here. (2000-2006)

Toffee was only a couple years old, and was rescued from a pet store parking lot, where someone had left him in a box 🙁 He was very shy but lovable. His picture is here.(2004-2007)

Inky, one of our guinea pigs, lived to be a ripe old age of 6 before she passed. Her picture is here. (1999-2005)

Devon, a Rex, passed away in June 2003. He was a rescue bunny, and very sweet. Here are some pictures of Devon. (2001-2005)

Britches, a mini-lop, passed away suddenly in March 2002. You can click here to see some pictures of her. (1998-2002)

Boggle, a dwarf mix, was our very first bunny. We had him for almost 6 years, but he passed away in November 2002. He was the most lovable and sweet bunny I’ve ever had. There are pictures of him here. (1997-2002)