2017 Races

This year I’m turning 50 and have decided to do a “50 @ 50” challenge. My goal is to do 50 races during the calendar year.  Anything from 5k and up (I did throw in a 2k, just because), any type of race- running, duathlon, triathlon, or relay.

Current stats as of August 20
Races Completed: 47
Total Distance Raced: 461.25 miles

Race Breakdown
Marathons: 1
Half Marathons: 8
20k’s: 1
10 Milers: 1
10k’s: 10
5 Milers/8ks: 2
5k’s: 10
2k’s: 1
Duathlons: 5
Triathlons: 4
Relays: 4

Race #47 – Tri Cambridge Tri
Cambridge, WI 8/20/17

A local race just east of Madison.  This was a sprint tri, 1/4 mile swim, 13 mile bike and 5k run. We do a lot of our swim practices in this lake, and I’ve ridden around the area a few times. The weather was nice, competition good, and I had fun.  I was the first overall woman, in a time of 1:10:17.  Lucky I biked fast, the second place girl (only 30 seconds back!) had a big lead on me out of the swim.

Race #46 – Iron Girl Duathlon
Pleasant Prairie, WI 8/13/17

A wonderful women’s only duathlon (and tri) in southeast Wisconsin. It was a short race, 1.7 mile run, 11 mile bike, 5k run.  Perfect cool weather and great venue, I won the duathlon for the second year in a row.  My time was a couple minutes slower this year, 1:06:21, but I’m racing a lot, so I’m not in the shape I was last year.

Race #45 – Madison Aquathon
Mequon, WI 8/10/17

A little extra training for my upcoming triathlons, I did the 1000m swim portion of this race, with Suellen running the 5k. The water was pretty choppy, but I was just a little faster than the last time I swam it.

Race #44 – Shoreline Duathlon
Mequon, WI 8/6/17

The second of a 3 race duathlon series in central Wisconsin, along the shore of Lake Michigan.  It was a pleasant day, although a bit humid. I was a little tired from the previous day’s race, but had a pretty strong 1:26:44 time, good for second overall woman.

Race #43 – Reedsburg Triathlon
Reedsburg, WI 8/5/17

A little warmup before my duathlon the next day, a 1/4 mile swim, 14 mile bike, and 5k run.  I was first overall women in this very small race, although the day wasn’t totally uneventful, I had to take my wife to the ER after the race- she got bitten by a dog while she was on the bike! Luckily she was OK.

Race #42 – Enumclaw Street Fair 5k
Enumclaw, WA 7/29/17

A quick local race just south of Seattle, before we flew home the next day.  Beautiful view of Mt Rainer, and sunny skies.  I ran a 21:25, and was 2nd woman overall in this small race.

Race #41 – Tongass 10k
Ketchikan, AK 7/26/17

Lots of great scenery and lots of hills on this trail run.  Fun way to end the running cruise. I was the second female finisher.

Race #40 – Skagway Adventure
Skagway, AK 7/24/17

I ran this adventure race/scavenger hunt with Suellen, we covered about 5k as we found sites in Skagway. We wore our special anniversary outfits to celebrate our 20th anniversary.

Race #39 – Glacier Half Marathon
Juneau, AK 7/23/17

Second race of our running cruise, and road half. We saw waterfalls and Mendenhall Glacier off the road.  A bit hilly and humid, I ran about a 1:46, although it was about a half mile long. I was the third overall woman.

Race #38 – Moosehead 5k
Anchorage, AK 7/20/17

Kicking off the Great Alaskan Running Cruise! A fun tuneup 5k on the coastal trail, I ran easy with Suellen.  We had our Bullwinkle moose gear on

Race #37 – Hurts Donut 5k
Madison, WI 7/15/17

Ran this new local race with Suellen, just for fun. We had some awesome donut themed running skirts she made, and got a free donut after the race. Mmmm.

Race #36 – Pewaukee Duathlon (2 mi run/14.7 mi bike/2 mi run)
Pewaukee, WI 7/8/17

A warm afternoon race, and I was a a bit beat up from all the racing this week.  But I was able to just squeak out the overall women’s win, in 1:11:49.  Second year in a row for me to take 1st at this event!

Race #35 – Madison Aquathon Relay (1000m swim)
Madison, WI 7/6/17

Did this swim/run event as a relay with Suellen. It was a warm night, and I haven’t swum that far in open water since Ironman Wisconsin 2015!  But I survived.

Race #34 – Boom Boom Triathlon (400m swim/16.8 mi bike/5k trail run)
Mt Horeb, WI 7/4/17

What a good way to kick off Independence Day!  The first open water swim tri I’ve done in about a year and a half.  Lots of hills on the bike & run, but we had perfect weather.  I was 2nd woman overall in just under 1:30.

Race #33 – Kenosha YMCA Firecracker 10k
Kenosha, WI 7/2/17

Have to find some good holiday races for the summer, and this one by Lake Michigan was great.  Nice scenery and flat, although a little warm. I finished the 3rd woman overall, in 44:31.

Race #32 – Summerfest 10 miler
Oregon, WI 6/24/17

A local race a little town south of Madison. I didn’t have the best run, the humidity and hills really got to me.  My time was 1:14:10, and that was good for second woman overall in a very small race.  I still had fun, but miss the cooler weather!

Race #31- Drop13 Half Marathon
Salt Lake City, UT 6/10/17

A crazy fast course, 3,000 ft of elevation drop over the length of the race, down Big Cottonwood canyon.  My legs were sore afterwards! I was surprised to run as well as I did, finishing in 1:27:42, fast enough to win my age group.

Race #30- Harbor View 8k
Port Washington, WI 6/3/17

Arrr!  A pirate themed evening race on the shores of Lake Michigan. It was a bit warm (especially as we ran away from the lake), and some hills.  I had a fun pirate outfit, with hook, and ran a 34:44.  That was fast enough for 2nd woman overall.

Race #29- Girls on the Run 5k
Madison, WI 6/3/17

I ran this great event with my 8 year old granddaughter. Almost 1,000 girls who had trained the last couple months to run.  So much fun.

Race #28- Run Madtown Half Marathon
Madison, WI 5/28/17

Finishing up a 3 race weekend.  I ran this a bit easy, still being a little sore from the Duathlon the day before. I ran in a Glinda the Good Witch costume, complete with bubbles. My final time was 1:44:17, good for first in the 50-54 age group.

Race #27- Run Madtown Twilight 10k
Madison, WI 5/27/17

Ran this for fun with Suellen, in some matching “Force of Orange” outfits, in honor of our running group.

Race #26- Cooney Duathlon (2mi/20mi/2mi)
Oconomowoc, WI 5/27/17

A perfect day for a race, cool and calm.  And a very fast course.  I was a little slower than last year, but sitll happy with my time. I came in the second woman overall, in the first race of the Wisconsin Du Series.

Race #25- Fargo Half Marathon
Fargo, ND 5/20/17

This was such a fun event! We started and finished inside the FargoDome, the weather was perfect (mid 40’s to 50 and cloudy), and the spectators were great. Flat course, and I ran well.  I was hoping for 1:35, and finished in 1:35:35, so just a little off my goal.  That was good enough for 1st woman in my age group and 21st overall woman out of 2,436!

Race #24- Fargo Heros 5k
Fargo, ND 5/19/17

A little warmup for the half marathon the next day. Ran/walked with Suellen, and enjoyed the sights around the FargoDome.

Race #23- Neenah Duathlon (2 mi/18 mi/2 mi)
Oshkosh, WI 5/13/17

First Duathlon of the season! Perfect weather and a pretty & fast course.  I raced well, with a fast bike, and finished in 1:18:32, first woman overall.

Race #22- J-Hawk Tri
Whitewater, WI  5/7/17

My first tri since Ironman Wisconsin in 2015!  500y swim, 13 mile bike, 3.3 mile run.  My legs were pretty toasty from the race the day before, but I still had a strong bike (21.1 mph) and held on for an OK run.  I was 3rd woman overall and 1st in my age group.

Race #21- Lake Monona 20k
Madison, WI  5/6/17

A challenging and fun race around the lake here in Madison. It was my first race in my new 50-54 age group, and I paced it very well.  1st in my age group in 1:32:35.

Races #19 & 20 – Cookie Chaser 2k & 5k
Riverton, UT  4/29/17

I was in Salt Lake City for my birthday, visiting family, and found this great local fundraiser for the Girl Scouts.  Ran the 2k with Suellen and raced the 5k. I wasn’t sure whether to count the 2k in my 50 races, but it was an official race AND I even got some age group hardware, so what the heck.  In the 5k, I finished first woman overall and got a bunch of girl scout cookies 🙂  The best part of this race was our running outfits- vintage Girl Scout cadet with a real sash & skirt from 1970 for me, and a Brownie outfit Suellen made special for the occasion for her.

Race #18 – Star Wars Half Marathon
Disney World, FL 4/23/17

“Raced” the final race of the Star Wars weekend, the half marathon. It was warm and very humid (70 degrees/93% humidity), so I ended up dialing it back and running easier the second half (and that still wasn’t easy).  I finished in a time of 1:44:29, not fast but I had fun. I stopped for photos a few times along the way.  And got a great pic with Kylo Ren, to match my costume, at the finish.

Race #17- Star Wars 10k
Disney World, FL. 4/22/17

Second race of the weekend, again I ran it easy with Suellen.  We were Princess Leia and General Organa, as a tribute to Carrie Fisher.

Race #16- Star Wars 5k
Disney World, FL. 4/21/17

Doing the Dark Side weekend at Disney World, kicking it off with the 5k on Friday. I ran with my wife, and we dressed up as R2D2 and C3P0.

Race #15- Cottontail Classic 10k
Fitchburg, WI. 4/15/17

One of my favorite local races! It was hot and windy, but I dressed up as a magicians rabbit coming out of a hat and had great fun.  I was first overall woman and 3rd overall.

Race #14- Parkinson’s Half Marathon
Cottage Grove, WI. 4/1/17

A nice local race only 10 mins from my house. I ran a bit conservatively, still a bit tired from the marathon, but still had a nice time of 1:38:57, good for first in my age group.

Race #13- Shamrock Marathon
Virginia Beach, VA  3/19/17

First marathon I’d raced in many years, the weather did not cooperate for a fast time though. 20-35mph wind, sleet, and cold! I kind of fell off my pace the last 5 miles, and finished in 3:28:53.  That was at least good enough for 3rd overall masters woman, though!

Race #12- Shamrock Shuffle 10k
Madison, WI  3/12/17

Lots of fun St. Patrick’s Day themed gear at this race. I ran in a pot o’ gold and rainbow outfit, and used this as a tuneup for my marathon the next week. I was surprised to be first woman overall, with a time of 41:55.

Race #11- Freeze for Food 10k
Madison, WI  3/4/17

A small local race on the classic Arboretum loop. It was a bit windy and chilly. I ran fairly steady, finishing in 42:42.  That was good for the second overall woman.

Race #10 – Austin Half Marathon
Austin, TX 2/19/17

Back to my old home town! I ran this as a training run for my upcoming marathon, with 4 miles warmup.  It was extremely humid (93% humidity, 70 degrees) and a tough course. I had to back things off the last 6 miles, and ended up finishing in 1:42:44.

Race #9 – Valentines 5k
Madison, WI 2/11/17

A fun, low key race put on by the Univ of Wisconsin running club. I ran this with my spouse, in neat valentines running skirts she made for us.

Race #8 – Snowshoe Scurry 10k (6.4 miles)
Madison, WI 2/5/17

We actually had snow for this! Challenging and hilly course, I finished as the second overall woman.

Race #7 – Big Beach Marathon (relay)
Gulf Shores, AL 1/29/17

It was great weather, a bit windy but in the 50’s, and a scenic course through Gulf Shores Park.  Suellen ran the first 4 mile leg of the relay, then I ran the last 22.2 miles.  We actually finished as the fastest relay (there were only 3 teams), even though we only had two people and the other teams had four 🙂

Race #6 – Casino Bridge 10k
Biloxi, MS 1/28/17

First race of a double race weekend, this started at the Golden Nugget Casino and ran across a long bridge and then looped around a neighborhood before heading back over the bridge.  It was a fun race, and we had MoonPies at the finish! I ran a good race, in 43:37, good for first woman overall.

Race #5 – Snowshoe Scurry Half Marathon
Donald Park, WI 1/22/17

No snow!  So no snowshoes. And lots of mud, so no trail run.  We ended up running on the road, over a very hilly course. It was still a nice race and we had decent (warm!) weather. I ran well, not fast but strong, and finished in 1:42:07.  First woman overall, but there weren’t very many of us out there 🙂

Race #4 – Frosty 5k
Waukehsa, WI 1/21/17

It was unusually warm, so not so frosty. But fun run around the Fox River. I ran 21:10, good for fourth overall woman and 2nd in my age group.

Race #3 – Snowshow Scurry Duathlon Relay (4 miles running)
Mazomanie, WI 1/15/17

Snow! At least a little, enough to snowshoe. I switched from the 10k to a duathlon relay, got a friend to bike and then I ran the two 2 mile snowshoe sections. 17:33 and 17:15 times (negative splits!).

Race #2 – Snowshow Scurry 10k
Mazomanie, WI 1/8/17

Not enough snow to make it a snowshoe race, so it turned into an icy trail run.  A little bonus mileage made it about a 7 mile 10k, which I finished in 58:12.  First in my age group at this small, local race series. It was cold (-2 at the start), and I supplemented my face mask with my Darth Vader Mickey ears hat:

Race #1 – New Year’s Day Dash 5 miler
Madison, WI 1/1/17

A yearly tradition for us! I was second overall woman in a time of 34:44.