2018 Races

St Jude Memphis 10k
Memphis, TN 12/1/2018

Ran this with my wife, dressed in Elvis unspired outfits.  A big race, and a bit rainy.  We ran in to Elvis at the end too!

Las Vegas Turkey Trot 12k
Lake Mead, NV 11/22/2018

We were in Vegas for Thanksgiving, and found a local turkey trot out by Hoover Dam, over Lake Mead.  It ran along the old railroad, and went through a couple tunnels.  The first 2 miles were all uphill, so it was a challenging course.  I was 5th woman overall and 1st in my age group, with a 12k PR (my only 12k 🙂 ) of 57:38.

Elf Run 10k
Brookfield, Wi 11/18/2018

Second in the Winter Run series, it was a pleasant day but a very hilly course. I really fell off pace the last mile, as we climbed back up a long hill for the second loop.   Went out too fast, and paid for it in the end.  My time was 45:51, 9th woman overall and 2nd in my age group.  I did nail my jump for the photographer at mile 4 though:

NYC Marathon
New York, NY 11/4/2018

My third World Marathon Major of the year, and 17th marathon ever.  This was an amazing course, and a pretty day.  I didn’t feel recovered fully from Chicago  and around mile 16 decided it was smartest to just walk when I felt like it and take it easy.  I finished in 4:09:31.  My outfit was inspired by the Rockettes.

Pumpkin Run 10k
Oconomowoc, WI 10/21/2018

The first of the Winter Run series, it was a pretty day, nice and cool. I reused my Blues Brothers outfit from Chicago.  I ran pretty well, finishing in 42:58 (course was a little short), good for 4th woman overall and first in my age group.

Chicago Marathon
Chicago, IL 10/7/2018

My 16th marathon, and second World Marathon Major.  It was rainy and humid, but I had fun. The crowd support was great. I tried to run easy, got a little excited at mile 16 and ran too hard through 20, and then fell off pace the last 4-5 miles.  But I broke four hours, which was my goal, with an official time of 3:58:02. My Blues Brothers’ sister costume was a hit!

Zoo Run Run 10k
Madison, WI 9/30/2018

Great local run at the zoo. I was Judy Hopps from the Disney movie Zootopia. I ran well, it was a warmup for the Chicago marathon the next weekend.  I finished 4th woman overall, 44:25.

Hawaiian Running Cruise
Friendship 5k, Maui 5k, Kona Half Marathon
Oahu, Maui & Hawaii, HI 9/16 and 9/18/2018

We did a running cruise with 3 runs over a week, on various islands. The Friendship 5k was a fun run from Waikiki Beach I ran with Suellen. The Maui 5k was a “predict your time” race, I was off by 20 seconds (22:15), but was the first overall finisher.  For the half marathon in Kona I came in second overall and second woman, it was crazy hot and hilly but awesome to run part of the Ironman course. We had some sweet costumes too:

Jackson Hole Marathon Relay
Jackson, WY 9/1//18

I ran this as a training run, with my wife. I ran the firs 19.6 miles, then she ran the last 6.6.  What a beautiful race, and we had great weather.  The altitude was a little tough, but good training.

Hurts Donut 5k
Madison, WI 8/18//18

Just a fun little local 5k, I ran with Suellen.  Feee donut at the end, and we placed in the finals of the costume contest so I won a dozen donuts to take to work!

Fort 14 – 14 miler
Fort Atkinson, WI 8/4//18

Holy heat, Batman!  Kicking off my training for the Chicago Marathon, I thought I’d run this at an easy long run pace, but it was crazy hot and humid, and by mile 8, even the “easy” pace was killing me.  I took lots of walk breaks the last 5 miles, ended up around 2:08, which still snuck in for first in my age group.  I ran as Glinda the Good Witch, complete with bubbles, so that was fun at least!

Tri-ing for Children Triathlon
Ottawa Lake, WI 7/29//18

The second, and last tri of the season for me (did these on a lark).  It was a very pretty day, a little warm by the end.  I was better on the swim than the last race, OK on the bike and a decent run, coming back from a calf injury the last few weeks.  I finished in 1:16:02, 8th overall woman and 2nd in my age group again.

Pardeeville Triathlon
Pardeeville, WI 7/7//18

Signed up for this on the spur of a moment ten days before the race.  I hadn’t swam for about 8 months, so I hit the pool a few times in the week leading up.  My swim time was not pretty in the race, but I survived.  I had a good bike but fought a calf injury on the run.  Final time 1:16:16, 10th overall woman and second in my age group though!

Grandma’s Marathon
Duluth, MN 6/16/18

My 15th marathon! Weather looked really bad the night before (severe thunderstorms, lightning), but by morning it wasn’t bad.  Foggy and cool, a little rain just for a few minutes towards the end. I went out too fast, fell off pace, but managed to run a couple strong final miles to earn a 3:46:05.

Skirt Sports 13er Half Marathon
Boulder, CO 6/3/18

What a pretty race!  In the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, the altitude made things a bit tough but I enjoyed the views.  I ran a 1:43:30, mostly a warmup for the Grandma’s Marathon, and was 5th woman overall.

Run MadTown Half Marathon
Madison, WI 5/27/18

Another hot race, it was 86+ degrees by the finish. I ran this a guide/pacer for an Achilles athlete, who was running his second half marathon. It was a tough race, but he finished.  I was glad I wasn’t running it for time!

Run MadTown 10k
Madison, WI 5/26/18

I was running the “Conquer the Capitol” back to back races, and the 10k I decided to actually race.  It was crazy hot, 83-85 degrees at 8pm. I was actually pretty happy with my time, 45:12, it was hard to hold any pace in the heat. I ran as Little Bunny Foo Foo, since our training group was named FOO (Force of Orange). Even got a good bunny hop at the finish.

Ragnar Chicago
Chicago,IL to Madison, WI 5/18-5/19

First time to do this 200-ish mile relay! In a team of 12, we were van #2 with 6 of us running 3 legs each over 36 hours.  I ran 20 miles for my legs, plus an extra 5 with Suellen.  It was quite an experience, definitely didn’t get much sleep.  Our team name was “Will Run For Spotted Cow” (a local beer), and several us had some fun cow themed running skirts.

Lake Monona 20k
Madison, WI 5/5/18

The spring racing season kickoff in Madison, with everyone I know running.  It is a hilly course, but very scenic, and it did get a little warm.  I ran pretty steady for 15k, then fell off a bit the last 5k. My time of 1:34:15 was a bit slower than last year, but I placed higher, 18th overall woman and 1st in my age group.  I ran as the Energizer Bunny 🙂

Boston Marathon
Boston, MA 4/16/18

This was my fourth time to run Boston, and by far the worst marathon weather I’ve ever run in. 20-30 mph gusty headwind, constant rain, and cold (37 degrees at the start, windchill in the 20’s/30’s).  I was aiming for a 3:45, and was on pace at halfway, but things just fell apart in the Newton hills.  In retrospect, I should have dialed back the goal by at least 5-10 minutes.  I struggled to the finish, but made it in 4:09:21.

Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon
Lexington, KY 3/31/18

A very pretty and very hilly course through horse country.  With only two weeks til Boston, I ran this very conservatively and felt good.  I had a American Pharoah inspired jockey outfit that turned out very cool.  Weather was nice, the sun came out and it wasn’t too warm.  I ran a 1:42:58, good for first place in my age group!

Shamrock Shuffle 10k
Madison, WI 3/17/18

The local St. Patrick’s Day races, always fun.  This is a HILLY course through the Univ of Wisconsin campus, and a pretty crowded course.  I had a hard time warming up, but eventually settled in to a pretty stead 7:00/mile pace.  I finished right around 44 minutes, good for 6th woman and 1st in my age group. I was a couple minutes faster last year, but it was a little later in my marathon training cycle.  Happy with the results though, and the ‘pot o’ gold’ costume:

Disney World Princess 5k/10k/Half Marathon
Orlando, FL 2/23-25/18

Family trip to Disney with the kids and grandkids. I ran the 5k with my 10 year old granddaughter (both dressed as Wonder Woman), then raced the 10k and half. I ran a 45:22 for the 10k, 1st in my age group, and 1:43:32 for the half, 3rd in my age group.

Cupid Shuffle 10k
Hartland,WI 2/18/18

A fairly hilly course, but the weather wasn’t too cold (for Wisconsin).  I ran a 46:23, good for first in my age group.

Valentines 5k
Madison, WI 2/10/18

 I ran this race in a full bunny suit, to advertise the Cottontail Classic race.  It was pretty toasty, even with the temps below freezing.  I ran a 24:20.

Charleston Marathon
Charleston, SC  1/13/18

Kicking off the year with a marathon! It was a fun race, a bit of a headwind in the middle, and I mostly was just trying to run easy for fun.  It still got a bit tough the last few miles, but I still enjoyed it.  My time was 3:46:19, and that was second place in my age group. I ran the race in my 20’s flapper inspired outfit:

Snowshoe Scurry 5k
Madison,WI 1/7/18

We actually had a bit of snow and this didn’t turn into a trail run! I was 3rd overall and 2nd woman, in 27:05.