2018 Races

Boston Marathon
Boston, MA 4/16/18

This was my fourth time to run Boston, and by far the worst marathon weather I’ve ever run in. 20-30 mph gusty headwind, constant rain, and cold (37 degrees at the start, windchill in the 20’s/30’s).  I was aiming for a 3:45, and was on pace at halfway, but things just fell apart in the Newton hills.  In retrospect, I should have dialed back the goal by at least 5-10 minutes.  I struggled to the finish, but made it in 4:09:21.

Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon
Lexington, KY 3/31/18

A very pretty and very hilly course through horse country.  With only two weeks til Boston, I ran this very conservatively and felt good.  I had a American Pharoah inspired jockey outfit that turned out very cool.  Weather was nice, the sun came out and it wasn’t too warm.  I ran a 1:42:58, good for first place in my age group!

Shamrock Shuffle 10k
Madison, WI 3/17/18

The local St. Patrick’s Day races, always fun.  This is a HILLY course through the Univ of Wisconsin campus, and a pretty crowded course.  I had a hard time warming up, but eventually settled in to a pretty stead 7:00/mile pace.  I finished right around 44 minutes, good for 6th woman and 1st in my age group. I was a couple minutes faster last year, but it was a little later in my marathon training cycle.  Happy with the results though, and the ‘pot o’ gold’ costume:

Disney World Princess 5k/10k/Half Marathon
Orlando, FL 2/23-25/18

Family trip to Disney with the kids and grandkids. I ran the 5k with my 10 year old granddaughter (both dressed as Wonder Woman), then raced the 10k and half. I ran a 45:22 for the 10k, 1st in my age group, and 1:43:32 for the half, 3rd in my age group.

Cupid Shuffle 10k
Hartland,WI 2/18/18

A fairly hilly course, but the weather wasn’t too cold (for Wisconsin).  I ran a 46:23, good for first in my age group.

Valentines 5k
Madison, WI 2/10/18

 I ran this race in a full bunny suit, to advertise the Cottontail Classic race.  It was pretty toasty, even with the temps below freezing.  I ran a 24:20.

Charleston Marathon
Charleston, SC  1/13/18

Kicking off the year with a marathon! It was a fun race, a bit of a headwind in the middle, and I mostly was just trying to run easy for fun.  It still got a bit tough the last few miles, but I still enjoyed it.  My time was 3:46:19, and that was second place in my age group. I ran the race in my 20’s flapper inspired outfit:

Snowshoe Scurry 5k
Madison,WI 1/7/18

We actually had a bit of snow and this didn’t turn into a trail run! I was 3rd overall and 2nd woman, in 27:05.