2023 Races

Cincinnati Flying Pig 5k/10k/half marathon
Cincinnati, Oh – 5/7/23

I ran the 5k and 10k on Saturday, and they were great fun.  The half on Sunday was brutal- torrential rain, lightning, and a 5 mile climb in the middle. I had to stop and shelter in place on the course about 45 minutes in, because of lightning.  And my Pigs in Space costume kind of melted by the end. But I finished it.

Boston Marathon 
Boston, MA – 4/27/23

My fifth time to run Boston, I did it not for time but just to have fun. I stopped for a selfie at all 11 Dunkin Donuts along the course.  I ran a 4:19:02.

First Call half marathon 
Waukesha, WI – 3/26/23

I ran this as a long training run, in 1:53:00.  I wore my Laverne and Shirley outfit, since it was near Milwaukee.  2nd place on my age group.

Sand Hollow half marathon 
Hurricane, UT – 3/11/23

Small local race in southern Utah, it was a nice day and I ran a 1:45:21, good for second overall woman. And I was dressed as the Energizer Bunny.

Petit Indoor Marathon Relay
Milwaukee, WI – 3/4/23

95 laps around the indoor track at the ice center, with a team of four. It was a great time, I ran the last 45 laps for about 12.5 miles.

Northern Lights 5k
Reykjavik, Iceland  – 2/4/23

On a trip with Marathon Expeditions and we did the local fun run, all lit up!

Miami Half Marathon
Miami, FL – 1/29/23

Travelled with a group of runners from Madison, it was nice to be warm and get some sun. The race was hot and humid so I ran it as a training run, in 1:52:07.

Disney World Dopey Challenge
Orlando, FL – 1/5/23-1/8/23

Ran the 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon at Disney. Four costumes, and I even rode the Expedition Everest coaster twice during the marathon. 

5k Nick Wilde with Fenneck

10k Tron

Half Marathon, Jessie the cowgirl

Marathon, Roger Rabbit

New Years Day Dash
Madison, WI – 1/1//23

First race of the year, I ran as a bunny since it’s the Year of the Rabbit. Finished the 5 milers in 37:54, second in my age group.